The Only Technique You Need to Know for Grilled Fish

snapper-escabeche-with-charred-scallions-620x461We’re about to let you in on the secret to perfectly grilled fish that doesn’t fall apart: It’s called escabèche, and it’s pretty genius. Instead of marinating the fish before it goes on the grill, you’ll grill it first, then take it off the heat and give it a post-grill marinade bath to deliver flavor without compromising texture. Here’s how to do it:

Use the Best-Possible Fish
This recipe has so few ingredients that it’s critical to use the best-possible fish you can find. We used red snapper fillets, but if the black bass or porgy at your fishmonger look even better, go for it. Any skin-on white fish will work beautifully here as long as it’s super fresh.

Don’t Rush It
After you rub the fillets with olive oil, salt, and pepper, place them skin-side down over a medium-hot (and clean!) grill. After about five minutes, the fillets should be opaque around the edges with crispy skin that should slide right off the grates. If they don’t come off easily, leave them skin-side down for another minute or two.

Mix Up Your Marinade

You Need a Recipe for Instant Ramen

samhorine-ktown-finalshoot-lo-4692I know what you’re thinking. A recipe for instant ramen? Don’t you just follow the directions on the package—boil water, dump in noodles and spice packets, and “stir occasionally”?

For some, this vague and imprecise approach produces a satisfactory result. The noodles are warm, the broth is seasoned. But, as I found out when writing my cookbook,Koreatown, Koreans have a ramen process that makes for a better bowl.

And Koreans should know. It’s said that, on average, South Koreans eat 80 bags per person annually, which is a hell of a lot of instant noodles, and reason I look to the Koreans for instant ramen tutelage. Most of that ramen is Shin Ramyun (shin means “spicy” in Korean, and ramyun is the Korean word for ramen, a Japanese word). The following step-by-step directions for preparing a standard four-ounce package of ramen was developed with Shin, but it will work with Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian brands as well.


Bring 2 ½ cups of water to a boil in a large saucepan over high heat. Add the soup base and vegetable mix. Boil for 1 minute.


How to Make the World’s Greatest Spaghetti and Meatballs

meatball-testingEven mediocre meatballs taste pretty good to me, but when the stars align and I taste a bowl of moist, robust meatballs; a well-balanced tomato sauce; and perfectly al dentepasta, the experience is downright transcendent. Happily, it turns out that achieving spaghetti and meatball bliss doesn’t require an Italian grandmother or a trip to your favorite red sauce restaurant; it can happen at home. I know, because I’ve spent the past few weeks in the Epicurious test kitchen, creating the best-ever version of this comfort food classic.

I began by cooking batches of the six highest-rated spaghetti and meatball recipes on our site. After the kitchen team scrutinized what we liked (and didn’t like) about each one, I headed back to the kitchen to create a Frankenrecipe—a recipe inspired by our favorite elements from each rendition. After several rounds of testing (trust me, no one around here complained), I created a recipe for Our Favorite Spaghetti and Meatballs. Here’s what it entailed:


The tomato sauce recipe from The Frankies Sputino cookbook won our taste test with its concentrated tomato flavor

Organic Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken bone broth is considered to have countless health benefits, when prepared authentically. From serving as a superb immunity booster and aiding digestion to improving joint health and improving sleep, chicken bone broth benefitsare enormous, especially when the bone broth is organic. No wonder, food experts even claim that a nicely prepared bone broth has the miraculouspower to revive even the dead! However, what’s important is to avail the organic chicken broth from a reliable source, committed to delivering nothing but the best.

While there are numerous brandsonthe market producing and marketing chicken bone broth, choosing the right one can be quite a tediousdaunting task. Here is a brief guide to what needs to be considered before choosing a provider of chicken bone broth:

  • Reputation: This is probably one of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing the right producer of chicken bone broth. Conduct a thorough research of the market, and ask around a bit to get the names of brands known for superior quality bone broth. Remember, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful sources of knowing the reliability of any brand.
  • Deals and Discounts: As a consumer, your primary lookout must be to find a provider offering

Rice gets trendy, adds nutrients, so much more

In the April issue of Food Technology magazine, published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Senior Associate Editor Karen Nachay writes about rice becoming a trendy culinary selection of many restaurant menus but also the go-to solution for consumers looking for gluten-and allergen-free choices rich in nutrients.

The National Restaurant Association’s 2014 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast predicts diners will see more rice selections on restaurant menus including black rice and red rice. Food scientists are looking for new ways to incorporate rice into many consumer products.

Rice ingredients can enrich food and beverage products with nutrients, improve textural attributes, replace common food allergens, function in gluten-free formulations, and act as a thickening agent, while providing a cost-effective protein source.

The article highlighted food scientists using sprouted brown rice to increase protein in bars, powdered shakes, soups, pastas, ready-to-drink beverages, cereals and sweet and savory snacks. Rice starches are being used to provide a variety of texture options in both food and beverages, from smooth and creamy to crispy and crunchy. Rice is also being used to enrich diets with more fiber.

Raw Pressery

RAW Pressery was started in Mumbai by former investment banker and brand consultant Anuj Raykan in January 2014. The company is the first organised fresh best juice mix company in the country and offers eight kinds of juices with action verbs for names such as Trim, Lean, Glow, Build, Run, Shield, Love and Flush.

The best natural juices are a mix of exotic produce such as Kale, Chia seeds and Spirulina with added home-grown veggies such as Doodhi, Cucumber, Coconut and more. RAW Pressery works only with local produces in and around Maharashtra, except for one or two ingredients which are imported.

Cold-pressing as a method of juicing differs from the conventional methods of centrifugal juicing by ensuring that more live culture and micro-nutrients are retained. A juice cleanse, when it’s done correctly, gives your body a break, as it utilises all its energy to detoxify, instead of to digest your food.

The RAW Cleanse requires you to give up solid food for a day and sustain on six 410ml and 250ml bottles of stress free fresh juices that can be ordered and customised online, plus delivered to your doorstep by the now-legendary and ever-trusty dabbawallahs.

The RAW Pressery offers a

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Charcoal Smoker Review

Are you probably asking yourself the hottest deals on Amazon right now? Are you wondering what products are giving the best value for your money? Well, if your answer is yes, then do not look any further because the latest talk in town is the new Charcoal Smoker, available on Amazon. The article is going to discuss in details the main features of this Charcoal Smoker.

A Charcoal Smoker is a device used fo cooking food at low temperature. There are so many varieties of smokers available in the marker. The Weber (The electromotive force of one volt generated in one second) Smokey Mountain Cooker Introduced by Amazon works with charcoal which is a traditional fire wood and it gives more taste. It has special features. Its capacity is as big as It can cook the entire turkey and ham at a time. The body of the Charcoal Smoker is made witha special steel which is transparent and more durable. The two nickel plated grates hold the fuel for a equal distribution of fire.

This Charcoal Smoker is configured in such a way that we have to use charcoal for cooking which holds the fire long, but we can

White Chocolate Raspberry Scones

Raspberry and white chocolate have always been a great flavour combination, but these deliciously sweet scones will have you reminiscing about your favourite childhood sweets. Not only do these scones taste great but they are amazingly moist, making them a hit with both children and adults alike.

Ingredients to Make Sixteen Scones:

560 grams of flour

175 grams of granulated sugar

½ teaspoon baking soda

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

225 grams of butter chilled

175 grams of white chocolate chips plus extra for decoration

225 milliliters of sour cream

175 grams of fresh raspberries

2 eggs

4 teaspoons of almond extract

1 egg diluted with 2 teaspoons of water to create an egg wash


Whisk the flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda and sugar together in a large bowl. Cut the chilled butter into fairly small pieces and add them to the flour. Using your fingers rub in the butter until the mixture resembles crumbs. Fold in the white chocolate chips.

In a different bowl, whisk the eggs, almond extract and sour cream together until fully incorporated. Add the mixture to the flour using a fork to combine until you form large clumps. Gently fold the raspberries into the mixture taking care not to crush the raspberries. Some of the berries will